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There must be silver linings
There must be a shred of hope
Is all in all, all we see?
Just painfull ways to cope
But not of death nor sadness
just tis the human way
to believe they're more than dirt
as the world drips away
To claim that one's alive
means to call your own self dead
while the rivers run vertical
into the sky that burns red
and when rain turns to ash
I will fly my way to you
I will lift you off your feet
to hold you, and feel renewed
Watching your dreams fall
I cannot bare the thought
So why not fall in love
and ignore the world we forgot
because an angel among this Earth
you have been and always will
so as long as i'm with you
let the world burn and spill
and the tears that flow from those gentle eyes
shall wake me from my eternal sleep
and so for all days my heart is yours
to cradle and to keep
My last remaining star...
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January 2, 2012
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