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I know of she, like she is the sea
The sea may seem dangerous,
But is beautiful and free
I've spoken to the sea
And she spoke back to me
And said "A future without he
Is a future without me"
He gave up on the sea
And the sea gave up on she
Now nothing left of he
But a life of secrecy
She gave security
Now insecure is the sea
I said
"You Are
You've been
And you will be
A dream that's worth dreaming
You think yourself unloved
I say you're a specialty
A diamond in the rough
The sweetest piece of candy
You are the sea
The key for life to be
And if without the sea
How dry the world would be"
She cried "No that's not me
I'm a space where nothing should be
If given oppurtunity
I'd die
Not sway like the sea"
Oh how wrong she can be
To think nothing of the sea
I grabbed her hand
And I made her feel the sand
That ran through her fingers rapidly
"Life goes by fast
So live it til the last
Grain of sand falls back into the sea
I can't stress enough
How much love can be tough
But love's an eternity
If not found in time
Then somewhere down the line
love will find you
And will wait by the sea"
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January 2, 2012
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